Tree to Bar

Raw Chocolate Factory

Direct Trade • Vegan • Organic • Raw • Gluten Free • Soy free 

Our Tree to Bar Raw Chocolate Factory produces small batches of high-quality chocolate and ceremonial cacao in Ometepe Island, Nicaragua. We work with 100%  local and organic cacao beans.

We currently work directly with our local neighbors who provide us with the cacao fruit and from there we ferment, dry, stone-grind, and crystalize the cacao to make our delicious chocolate and pure ceremonial cacao with loving intentions. 



What does Tree to Bar actually mean?


Tree to bar chocolate making is the highest level of craft and skill to control and balance the essence of real raw cacao into a bar of chocolate.

We hand-pick fresh cacao fruits harvested from local organically grown cacao trees with our local neighbors who grow the cacao.

We ferment the cacao in small batches to enhance the flavor.

We use the strong Nicaraguan sun to dry the cacao beans to bring out deep and aromatic notes of chocolate.

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We peel the beans, without toasting, to ensure the highest level of nutrition.

We stone-grind the beans whole for 72 hours.

We crystalize the cacao by hand in small batches to create the highest quality of delicious, artisanal raw chocolate with intentions of making every bite a heart expanding experience.

What makes Pital Chocolate special?

Chocolate can be infused with information and intentions during its crystallization process, so during this part of the process we infuse ALL of our chocolate and cacao with L O V E and with intention to make it a heart expanding experience to connect deeper with yourself and to the oneness of the universe. 

Aside from being a tree-to-bar chocolate, we sing to our cacao and treat every step of the process with love, care, respect and presence. We recognize and honor cacao as a medicinal plant spirit and we are blessed and filled with gratitude to share cacao in its pure form in ceremonial blocks, with other medicinal herbs, spices and blends in chocolate, and in our cacao-based original creations. 

The cacao we use is grown organically in the volcanic soil of Ometepe Island. The cacao we use is fed by the spring water coming from Volcan Maderas. Ometepe Island is a magical place that is an infinity shaped island formed by an active volcano and by a crater lake volcano and El Pital lies in the center of both volcanoes, where we get to make this loving cacao and chocolate.

We work directly with our farmers

We work with our local cacao growers to find quality cacao and make sure they are fairly compensated for hand-picking each and every cacao pod.

In the future the cacao used for our chocolate and ceremonial cacao will also be sourced from our very own cacao trees

We support our local community

We support our local community by providing locals with work so they can feed their families. We teach our local workers how to work with cacao, how to make quality chocolate and other cacao recipes.

Our cacao is organic

We don't use any GMO, pesticides, artificial flavoring nor preservatives in making our chocolate or ceremonial cacao. We also ensure that the cacao we are harvesting in grown organically.

Our cacao is vegan

We don't use any dairy or any animal products.

Adding dairy milk to chocolate causes the antioxidants found in cacao to become inactivated, potentially negating their beneficial health effects. This effect is thought to occur because the milk protein, casein, binds with antioxidants, reducing their ability to fight harmful free radicals.

Our chocolate is raw

We keep the the whole process from bean to bar under 48º degrees celsius to benefit from all the magic and medicinal properties the raw cacao has to offer.  

The high heat when cacao beans undergo the roasting process reduces the levels of antioxidants in the cacao, removes enzymes, and minimizing the powerful health benefits found in the unprocessed, raw cacao.

Tour our growing cacao farm and learn how we make our chocolate! Learn about the history and benefits of the cacao plant medicine!

*includes chocolate tasting* 


$20 per person

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Learn the process of making chocolate with a 1x1 personal lesson with our Chocolatier. You will be able to take photos, take notes and ask as many questions as you'd like. He will share with you tips and secrets into making delicious chocolate and how to prepare medicinal ceremonial cacao drinks and cacao treats.

3 days course

$1,200 per person

*Book in Advance*