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Join a Cacao Ceremony

A Cacao Ceremony is an opportunity to connect to your highest self and to others in a sacred and safe space, to release energetic blockages, to open your heart to receive insights and mental clarity, invite gratitude and help bring your awareness to the present moment.

Each Cacao Ceremony is unique with a shared purpose of connecting  to your highest self and opening your heart.

Please Request at least

one-day in Advance 

Cacao Ceremony Includes:

Ceremonial Dose of Ceremonial Cacao Drink

Connection and Sharing - Authentic Relating

Medicinal Songs

Ritual and Invocation and Honoring Life

Sound Journey 

Energy Cleaning with Copal, Palo Santo

Conscious Breathing

Sacred Fire 

2 Hours

Every Thursday at 16:30

Min. 5 people per ceremony

$15 USD per Person

You will leave the ceremony with an insightful connection and a better understanding of yourself and your relationship with the present moment.

Ask at Reception to Book or Join a Cacao Ceremony 

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