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How to get to El Pital

Step 1
Take Taxi or Chicken Bus to Rivas 
If you are traveling via chicken bus it is best to pay with local currency.

Step 2
From Rivas, take a taxi to San Jorge Port where you will get on a ferry boat to get to Ometepe Island.

Step 3
Buy your ticket for the ferry and enjoy the ride.
Ferry cost 60¢ appx. $2
The last ferry boat leaves at 5:45PM 

Step 4
Once you have arrived to Moyogalpa 
or San Jose you will take either a bus or taxi to Madroñal. Tell the taxi driver or the person who is collecting payment for the bus to take you to El Pital, they will drop you off at our entrance.

Step 5
Once you arrive at the entrance, follow the trail. Takes about 5min. walking. 

*If you arrive after 5PM, the trail is dark so make sure you have some light with you* 

* Roughly 4HR trip from Managua*

*Ferry ride is anywhere from an 1HR to 1HR15min*
View Bus Schedule from San Jorge to Ometepe

Hours and Location

Hours and Location

El Pital The Chocolate Paradise

1.4 km after the intersection of Santa Cruz towards Balgue on the left El Pital, El Madroñal 48800

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua 

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