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Finca El Pital 

Finca El Pital is our food forest and cacao farm project.

El Pital The Chocolate Paradise is more than just a place offering accommodation and vegan food and chocolate! It is a dream project and part of that dream is to practice sustainability, to grow our own food, to enhance the quality of the soil and live in a more harmonious way with nature.

We have personally planted over 2,000 cacao trees

Many of the cacao we have planted we sprouted from seed! You can see some of the cacao and fruit trees we have planted by joining our chocolate tour!

We value creating and maintaining a harmonious and synergetic relationship with the Earth and with our community. We do this by practicing agroforestry, regenerating the soil, avoiding using chemicals in our farm and planting many fruit trees, medicinal plants to create a food forest that will provide an abundance for the future generations and inspire others to live in a harmonious way.

El Pital Cacao Agroforestry Farm

Diversity of Fruit Trees | Intercropping

We have intentionally planted other fruit trees to provide shade for our cacao trees and have many fruit trees growing in harmony with our cacao.

In our finca you will find bananas, fig trees, variety of citrus, cashew trees, mangos, etc. This helps to increase biodiversity, enhance soil health and the ability to avoid fossil-fuel fertilizers and pesticides.

We are passionate about creating abundance of food and preserving criollo, heirloom and other selected varieties of cacao, while at the same time creating a source of other ingredients that can be used in our chocolate.

El Pital Nursery

Fruit Trees |Edible Plants | Medicinal Plants | Exotic Fruits | Vegetables 

Our Nursery has selected premium varieties of cacao seedlings to increase control over the cacao that is produced. We are focused on expanding our food forest and deepening our relationship with the food we are consuming. Our Nursery has many fruit tree seedlings, such as coconut, avocado, mamon chino, sapote, guanabana, anona, and many more. Many of the cacao trees in our finca we sprouted from seed. 

Soil Regeneration

Worm Compost |Food Compost |Biochar | Manure 

El Pital focuses on regenerating the soil as a way to improve our quality of life and as an act of love for nature. We use biochar, worm and food waste compost as natural fertilizer to maintain our farm free of chemicals.

We don't use any GMO, pesticides and actively work on regenerating the soil to avoid using chemicals in our farm. We also avoid using any artificial flavoring and preservatives in making our chocolate and ceremonial cacao. Even though we aren't officially certified as organic, we do practice organic farming to produce healthy food without the use of toxic pesticides and we are actively working towards improving the quality of our soil.

Worm Compost 

We use worm compost to help loosen the soil so oxygen and aerobic bacteria can get into plant roots. Looser soils also allow plant roots to penetrate deeper and access more resources, which in turn builds bigger, healthier plants.

Food Compost

We compost food waste to enrich the soil and help in retaining moisture during the dry season in Nicaragua. This encourages the production of beneficial bacteria and fungi that break down organic matter and creates a rich nutrient- filled material that we feed to our soil and suppresses plant diseases and pests.​


"soil's best friend" secures habitat for micro-organisms and fungi. Certain fungi form a symbiotic relationship with plant root fibers and this allows for greater nutrient uptake by plants. biochar improves plant growth and enhances crop yields, increasing food production. Because biochar attracts and holds soil nutrients, it reduces the need for fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers are typically fossil-fuel based, thus biochar provides additional indirect climate change benefits by reducing fertilizer needs.

cacao pods.png

The Collection
of Cacao Varieties

In our finca we have a growing collection of premium qualityvarieties of Cacao selected for their unique flavor notes. 

We have grafted some of our cacao with 11 varieties of premium cacao to collect many different unique notes of flavor for further exploration and creation of distinctive and special chocolate flavors.

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