10 Beds

Located on the second floor with view to our garden and sun yoga temple. The  360° glass view dorm gives you a chance to live the full El Pital Chocolate Experience. Settle into the beauty of the jungle while being protected at the same time.



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6 Beds

* The most economical option*

Located on the first floor. This dorm is next to the Sun Yoga Temple and is made from adobe earth .





8 Beds

The 360ª glass view dorm is located only a few steps away from the lake, it is the closest to the cacao bar and chocolate factory, and it is on the second floor. *This is the only dorm that has access to wifi.*



"This is a real paradise. wakeup in the morning and listen to the birds singing. stunning view to both volcanos. watching the stars from your bed through a big glass window. "
*We only accept Cash & Paypal*

Frequently asked questions

Can I pay with card?

We only accept CASH & Paypal Payments.

Do the dorms have wifi?

No. The only dorm that has access to wifi is the Beach Dorm. Wifi is only available in the cacao bar.

Is there a locker?

Yes. All dorms have lockers. Please bring your own lock & key.

Can I rent the entire dorm room?

Yes. We do offer entire dorm rentals. Please contact elpital@mail.com for more information.

*Beds in the dorms are bunk beds*

*Access to beautiful spring water outdoor shower*

* Dry compost toilet*

*Includes Locker (bring your own Locks)

*Wifi is only available in the café area*

*Please no food or drinks in the dorms*

*Please no smoking inside the dorms*

*There is laundry service*