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Whether you are seeking a more luxurious place to stay or traveling with a budget, we offer each guest an authentic tropical experience
El Pital. Our three dormitory bedrooms allow guests to immerse themselves in the jungle and all that is has to offer. 




Located on the second floor with view to our garden and sun yoga temple. The 360° glass view dorm gives you a chance to live the full El Pital Chocolate Experience. Settle into the beauty of the jungle while being protected at the same time.



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This dorm is next to the Sun Yoga Temple and is made from adobe earth. Located on the first floor you get the opportunity to coming back to your roots and connect with Pachamama.

– The most economical option –




The 360ª glass view dorm is located only a few steps away from the lake, it is the closest to the cacao bar and chocolate factory, and it is on the second floor.
– This is the only dorm that has access to wifi –




Our new 360° glass view Cacao Dorm offers to share the energy close to our chocolate and cacao bar factory. Beside that you can listen to the calming sounds of the waves and are right in the center heart of El Pital. 

"This is a real paradise –
Wake up in the morning and listen
to the birds singing, stunning view
to both volcanos and watching
the stars directly from your bed"

Each of our dormitory rooms are equipped with lockers, though we ask you kindly to please bring your own lock. To maintain an environment that respects all living creatures (including humans) we don't allow smoking inside the dorms. To discourage our insect-friends, food is not permitted inside either - you'll thank us!

At El Pital, your comfortability is our priority and hence laundry service is also available on-site. Wake up each day to the surrounding sounds of tropical nature before beginning the day in our beautiful spring water outdoor shower. Our professionally cleaned compost toilets allow us to live sustainably and in harmony with Mother Nature.

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  • Is there Wifi?
    Yes we do have Wifi. Wifi is now accessible everywhere on the site and in the rooms.
  • Can I pay with Card?
    No. We currently only accept Cash. Paypal Payments can also be an option with extra fees.
  • How far is the closest ATM?
    The closest ATM is in Santo Domingo (5 km away)
  • What is the wildlife like?
    We are in a tropical jungle and are co-existing with all kinds of bugs and insects.You can expect to see during your stay spiders, scorpions, snakes, bees, flies, ants, snakes, birds, and guatusas.
  • Is there a communal kitchen?
    No - We do not offer kitchen use for our guests. Please respect our *Plant Based-Only* Space and avoid bringing animal products. We also offer a delicious plant-based breakfast from 7AM-10PM at the cacao bar. There is also restaurants walking distance.
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