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Our prices change depending on what month you book your stay.

We have different seasons when the island is more or less popular with tourists. The least busy season is known as the “off season” while our busiest season is called the “peak season." It’s true that every season has its especially charm, so it really depends on where you’re planning to go, whether the peak season or off-season you choose actually fits your traveling expectations. Compare benefits of peak season or off season as well as disadvantages and decide yourself, which season is the best suite for you and your travel preferences.

Off Season: Most economical months to book your stay. Also more rain in these months, however the nature is very lush, and it is more quiet.
September | October 
Mid Season: Expect some rain during off and mid season.
November | May | June | July | August 
Peak Season: Travel is the most active and more workshops and events are happening during these months.
December | January | February | March | April