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Luxury Accomodation

At El Pital, we offer a range of unique accommodation suitable for every budget. From affordable dorm rooms for world travelers to private cabañas with private shower and king size bed for a more intimate experience. Come experience the  jungle experience your heart calls for. All of the rooms are sorrounded by jungle, sounds of nature and the amazing lake. 

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Cacao Bar

We are a Vegan Cacao Bar offering plant-based meals, smoothies & ceremonial cacao elixirs.
Everything is made with love, local ingrediants and organic vegetebles by our amazing chef.

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Chocolate Factory

We are a Chocolate Factory producing organic and high-quality tree-to-bar chocolate and ceremonial cacao sourcing local Ometepe and Nicaraguan cacao. You can learn about the process of how our chocolate is made, enjoy a chocolate tasting, tour our cacao farm and food forest by joining our chocolate tour.


Spiritual Sanctuary

We are a Spiritual Sanctuary offering daily yoga classes, cacao ceremonies, workshops, massage, guided meditations & other healing modalities. 


Book A Guided Chocolate Tour

Discover the complex world of cacao by exploring the magical 'bean to bar' process that makes El Pital so special.

Tour our cacao farm with our dedicated Chocolate Guide, taste real cacao fruits and witness the simple majesty of our carefully crafted chocolate factory.

The tour Includes free chocolate tasting, ceremonial cacao drink, a special chocolate discount and a wealth of knowledge, insight and soulful stories to take away. 


Sunday Brunch

The brunch you don't want to miss when you're in Ometepe!

On the menu there is a vegan lasagna served with a side salad and a raw vegan cheesecake.

Portions run out fast, be sure to reserve yours ahead of time! Come and enjoy a culinary experience of amazing flavors & textures you won't find anywhere else! * When you reserve be sure to request either a portion including both the cheesecake and lasagna or only reserve the lasagna or only the cheesecake* 


Join a Cacao Ceremony

A Cacao Ceremony is an opportunity to connect to your highest self and to others in a sacred and safe space, to release energetic blockages, to open your heart to receive insights and mental clarity, invite gratitude and help bring your awareness to the present moment.

Each Cacao Ceremony is unique with a shared purpose of connecting  to your highest self and opening your heart.

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Retreats & Special Events

Immerse yourself and your community in the wonder of a tropical jungle paradise.

Whether hosting intimate events, training workshops or transformational retreats, The Chocolate Paradise is the perfect nesting spot to heal, connect to nature and grow as a person. You can rent out our space for your unique offering.


Finca El Pital

Finca El Pital is our Food Forest and Cacao Farm project! Learn about our process of growing food and regenerating and improving the quality of soil. 

The Chocolate Paradise
Ometepe Island

El Pital is located almost directly between two volcanoes that make up the infinity shaped island called Ometepe in Nicaragua. One volcano is active with fire, and the other has a crater lake that creates waterfalls and natural springs. The island of Ometepe is surrounded by a fresh water lake and is home to a tropical jungle. 

Our dream is to create and share quality cacao, live in harmony with nature, plant trees for the future generations to thrive and to share our passion for human connection by creating space for people to share their gifts and connect while continuing to nourish our bodies and the soil.

We hope you visit us and experience the magic that exists.

Love and Light ~

El Pital


Magic is Real  

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Whatsapp +505 85035481

El Pital The Chocolate Paradise

1.4 km after the intersection of Santa Cruz

towards Balgue on the left El Pital

El Madroñal 48800

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua 

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