We are a chocolate factory producing organic and high-quality tree-to-bar chocolate and ceremonial cacao.

We offer lake front dorms &  private cabañas in the luscious jungle of Ometepe.

We are a Vegan Cacao Bar offering plant-based meals, smoothies, ceremonial cacao elixirs.

We are a Sanctuary offering daily yoga, cacao ceremonies, workshops, massage and other healing modalities.


The Chocolate Paradise


El Pital is located almost directly between two volcanoes that make up the infinity shaped island called Ometepe in Nicaragua. One volcano is active with fire, and the other has a crater lake that creates waterfalls and natural springs. The island of Ometepe is surrounded by a fresh water lake and is home to a tropical jungle. 

Our dream is to create and share quality cacao, live in harmony with nature, plant trees for the future generations to thrive and to share our passion for human connection by creating space for people to share their gifts and connect while continuing to nourish our bodies and the soil.

We hope you visit us and experience the magic that exists.

Love and Light ~

El Pital 

Ometepe Island
N I C A R A G U A 
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