Pital Cacao Bar

Vegan Cacao Bar

You can experience our magical cacao drinks at festivals either by finding our cacao culture booth or by participating in a laughter workshop or cacao ceremony using our ceremonial cacao.

Everything on our menu is organic and delicious. We make our ceremonial cacao blend with medicinal mushrooms with a recommended option to add cashew butter.


Our Cacao Super Bowl is the ideal meal~ packed with cacao, cashews and homemade granola to give you the extra energy buzz to keep you dancing and enjoying.

Festivals in the Past

Cacao Ceremony 

GGBY - Moab, Utah - November 24-28, 2019​

Laughter Workshop with Cacao

Sonic Bloom - Hummingbird Ranch, Colorado - June 20-23, 2019

Laughter Workshop with Cacao

Breathe - Stable Studios ,Indiana 

July 11-14, 2019

Pital as Cacao Culture - Cacao Bar

Envision - Uvita, Costa Rica

February 28- March 3, 2019

Upcoming Festivals

Pital Cacao Bar

Envision - Costa Rica - February 17-24, 2020

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El Pital The Chocolate Paradise

1.4 km after the intersection of Santa Cruz towards Balgue on the left El Pital, El Madroñal 48800

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua