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The Chocolate Retreat

Tree To Bar Cacao Immersiom

JANUARY 9TH-13, 2023


About the experience

Immerse yourself in nature for five days and four nights of learning, connection, creating, and play, deep into the world of cacao and chocolate. 

The spirit of cacao is calling you to hear her story and feel her spirit.
You're invited to experience this journey into your heart and into the heart of this sacred plant medicine. 

Throughout the Chocolate Retreat we will experience special workshops that will support us to transform, open our heart, get connected to nature, connect to the truth of the life.

some of the most special workshops we are going to do during
the retreat include ...


Cacao Ceremonies

A Cacao Ceremony is an opportunity to connect to your higher self and to others in a sacred and safe space, to release energetic blockages, to open your heart, to receive insights and mental clarity, invite gratitude and help bring your awareness to the present moment.
we are going to have an opening cacao ceremony to connect and put our intentions of the retreat and a closing ceremony to celebrate life and leave with an open heart.

cacao pods.png

Visiting A Cacao Farm

Reach up and harvest the fruit of the gods.

Visit and harvest your own cacao fruits at a thriving organic cacao farm on the Maderas volcano on the Island of Ometepe in Nicaragua.
We'll take as much as we can carry back from the farm and we will start together the process of making chocolate.


Chocolate Making In The Factory

Step inside the head of Willy Wonka and learn to make your own chocolate.
We'll be learning secrets of the chocolate factory while we make our own superfood chocolate treats.
We will also create our own perfect ceremonial cacao drink recipe.


Chocolate Spa

Relax deeply into bliss with the Pital Chocolate Spa Day.
We'll be learning from local artisans how to make our own natural spa products using cacao butter.
Then relax our body with an afternoon spa including professional massages, chocolate facial scrubs, and more.
Then breathe into euphoria with guided breathwork and meditation in the yoga temple.


Throughout the Chocolate Retreat we will experience special workshops that will support us to tranform, open our heart, get connected to nature, connect to the truth of the life.

some of the most speciel workshops we gonna go through during the retreat-  


About El Pital

El Pital is a chocolate paradise inside a paradise island- Ometepe, Nicaragua.

We are a cacao farm and a chocolate factory,

Hosting you in luxury private rooms and dormitory

We have a cacao bar and vegan organic restaurant.

Our intention is to create a heart expanding, high-vibrational and high-quality experiences for you, either through the culinary adventure or the transformational journey we are going to have in the retreat.

To offer a different perspective with your relationship with life and mother earth and assist the process of opening your hearts in creating a healthy, balanced, sustainable and abundant future by infusing everything that we do with unconditional love.

Immerse yourself and your community in the wonder of a tropical jungle paradise.
The Chocolate Paradise is the perfect nesting spot to heal, connect to nature and grow as a person.


About The Food

We have an amazing Vegan Cacao Bar offering plant-based meals, smoothies & ceremonial cacao elixirs. Everything is made with love.
During the retreat you'll get 11 meals and unlimited medicinal teas, organic coffee, and cacao drinks. 
We built for you special menu only for our retreat with our incredible chef.

You can watch our menu to get a reference


Accommodation Options

During the retreat you'll be hosted in the luxury rooms we have to offer .

Jungle Dorm
10 beds dorm.
Located on the second floor with view to our garden and sun yoga temple. The  360° glass view dorm gives you a chance to live the full El Pital Chocolate Experience.

New Dorm
6 beds dorm
Located in the first floor close to the lake. More private room.

Geo Dome

The large round geodesic shape gives the geo dome its unique energetic flow. Enjoy a little luxury and privacy with your stay.  
Private Patio, King size bed, Private Shower, Dry composting toilet.

Casa Grande

Stay in eco-friendly luxury at Chocolate Paradise and live the digital nomad life of legends.
Our largest room on site with our fastest Wi-Fi available.
King size bed. Comfortable work space. Large glass windows.
Our largest private bathroom and surrounded by the natural gardens of the Pital organic food forest.

Casa Criollo

Large and spacious room near the organic gardens! 
King size bed, extra twin bed, Private Shower, Dry composting toilet.
el pital geo dome  3.jpg


All prices includes all meals. unlimited teas, coffee and cacao, all amazing workshop and accommodation.

499$ per person
(Including the dorms)

Extra for private rooms-
(The extra payment is refered to the whole price of the room and for 4 nights)

Geo Dome- 199$ 

Casa Grande- 279$ 

Casa Criollo- 199$ 

Payment Options-
Pay with cash on arrival
PayPal- Extra 8% commission


For Further Information And For Signing Up


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About The Facilitatiors

♡Tree to Bar Cacao tour guide
♡Medicinal plant naturalist and herbalist
♡A fun guy who loves fungi 

My relationship with cacao is very deep and full of love and passion. I've been a professional nature guide for the past four years while working with cacao trees and fermentation. Looking forward sharing my passions with you and going down the rabbit hole into the magical world of chocolate and cacao. 

♤Vegan Chef
♤Fine Craft Chocolatier 

My relationship with cacao goes all the way back to my childhood to my father's ice-cream shop. I've been working with chocolate professionally for more than 10 years. It's the pleasure of a lifetime to be able to master the craft of tree to bar chocolate-making. I look forward to sharing some of my experiences with you.

Ry Ji
♡Jivamukti Yoga teacher
♡Shamanic Breathwork facilitator
♡Reiki Level 2 practicioner

I live a life of devotion and service on Ometepe Island  I am devoted to awakening the elements around and within each of us and how that application can guide our daily lives.
In my classes you will be expeience chanting, breath awareness, flowing vinyasa sequences, alignment exploration, hands-on assistance, relaxation and meditation.


◇ Yoga Teacher Trainer
◇ Somatic Embodiment (SE) Coach
◇ Trauma Informed Psychedelic Guide
◇ Re-organizing your Nervous System

I am passionate about supporting people on their path toward a more fully alive and empowered existence by cultivating a healing, intimate relationship with your nervous system. I call Ometepe home and cacao is one of my master teachers. I work with cacao as a tool for initiating deeply embodied ceremonies with hundreds of people around the world including most recently in Amazonian Indigenous communities in Brazil. At The Chocolate Retreat I am looking forward to invoking magic in cacao ceremonies, breath and voice activations, sound journey, meditation, and celebration.

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♧ Therapeutic Yoga, Art, Dance, and Theatre Teacher
♧ Post-degree in Psychology 

I'm deeply connected to the body and movement, and using the body, theatre, and art to express my medicine. Using therapeutic massage to unlock the energies within our body, I look forward to exchange and share my knowledge of the body, mind, and spirit to heal ourselves on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. My relationship with cacao comes from Nicaraguan ancestors that embrace the knowledge of this sacred and valuable plant medicine.

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