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Cacao Ceremonies Training 

May 21st to 28th 2023


About the experience

Hi Friend


Thank you for taking the time to inquire about The Cacao Ceremonies Space Holders Training.

This training is an invitation for those who are on a path of expansion and service and who love cacao.

We welcome you to learn and experience how to serve cacao in sacred ceremony and activate the Cacao's offerings with your intentions and presence.

The spirit of cacao is calling you to hear her story and feel her spirit.
You are invited to a journey into your heart and into the heart of this sacred plant medicine. 

The training includes: 


Cacao Ceremonies

A Cacao Ceremony is an opportunity to connect to your higher self and to others in a sacred and safe space, to release energetic blockages, to open your heart, to receive insights and mental clarity, invite gratitude and help bring your awareness to the present moment.

Shall you join, you would experience many ways of sharing the Cacao, learn how to hold space and how to activate the Cacao offerings.

You would gain a range of ceremonial tools that you could take with you into your own Cacao journey.

cacao pods.png

Seed to Ceremony

In this training we will teach about the Cacao’s history, legends, botanical and medicinal properties, and show the entire process from the Cacao seed all the way to making the ceremonial cacao drink.


Connect to the Cacao Community

Connect to many other people that are drinking and sharing Cacao, here in Ometepe, and from all around the world.


On top of it

You will spend a whole week in an exotic Chocolate Paradise on a volcanic island inside a freshwater lake in Central America, eating fresh organic food, drinking spring water, breathing mountain air, swimming, resting, dancing.

Cacao Ceremonies Space Holders Training


Throughout the Chocolate Retreat we will experience special workshops that will support us to tranform, open our heart, get connected to nature, connect to the truth of the life.

some of the most speciel workshops we gonna go through during the retreat-  


About El Pital

El Pital is a cacao farm and chocolate factory, forming a cloud of aroma of freshly made chocolate.. It is located on the shore of the Nicaragua lake, in a protected bay, ideal for bathing and swimming.

Our wooden deck is facing the marvelouse Volacanic mountain Concepcion, where you can enjoy the amazing sunset, a delicious "farm to table" vegan meal, a refreshing smoothie and very often - some amazing musicians sharing their tunes.

The private cabins and dormitories are immersed in the natural surrounding, enabling comfort within the lively sounds of the Jungle.

About The Food

During the training all the meals are provided and specially designed to support the journey.

We have an amazing 
Vegan Cacao Bar offering plant-based meals, smoothies & ceremonial cacao elixirs. Everything is made with love.

You can watch Pital's vegan bar menu to get an idea.


Accommodation Options

During the training you'll be hosted in the luxury rooms we have to offer .

Lake Dorm
beds dorm.
Located on the second floor with view to the lake. This comfortable and cozy room will allow t
o drift to sleep to the sound of the waves.

Private Rooms are available. Ask for availability. Prices are for the whole room and can be shared by 2 people.



All prices includes all meals, activities and accommodation.

888$ per person
(Including the dorms)

Extra for private rooms-
(The extra payment is refered to the whole price of the room and for 7 nights)
ce is for the whole room (2 people maximum)

The Magic Cool Bus - $161
Casa Bosque - $231
Geo Dome- $259
Casa Criollo - $399
Casa Grande - $539
Las Olas - $539

Information and photos about the Private cabañas here, Private Cabañas. 

Payment Options-
Cash, Wise, Local Nica Transfer & PayPal. 

Last day of registration is may 7th!


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About The Facilitatiors


♡Tree to Bar Cacao tour guide
♡Medicinal plant naturalist and herbalist
♡A fun guy who loves fungi 

My relation
ship with cacao is very deep and full of love and passion. I'm a professional nature guide and herbalist for the last five years while working with cacao trees and fermentation from the seed to the ceremony. My journey with cacao began six years ago on this volcanic island called Ometepe. A mystical island full of stories, myths, and magical creatures of all kinds. I'm looking forward, with an open heart, to share this magic with you.


Lara Joy

Leadership Trainer 
♡Chocolatier & Cacao Ambassadora
♡Kung Fu Practitioner

I had my first Real Cacao in 2002, when I first got to Central America.

Ever since, cacao has been an ally and a teacher, taking me on many adventures all around the world, as a student, explorer and even producer.

All along I was serving the Cacao to myself and everyone around me, and gained a lot of experience in holding an intentional space for the Cacao.


I have lived in Ometepe, Nicaragua since 2016, and in my professional life I am a leadership trainer and mentor, Maesta De Bien Estar (teacher of Well Being) as well as a Chocolatier.


Kung Fu is my path since 2004, and I’m blessed to have amazing teachers that support my path of growth and encourage me to share what I can.  


Holding this training together with Adelina and Justin - my close friends and neighbors, in Pital, is a vision that I am nourishing for a long time, and now is unfolding with a lot of joy and excitement.


♡ Body Alignment Instructor
  Yoga and Acro yoga Teacher
  Community Builder 

I discovered ceremonial cacao drinking when I first came to Ometepe back in 2019. It quickly became the favorite part of my daily ritual, the heart of our community gatherings and basically a big part of life here in Ometepe. 


I'm passionate about movement, bodywork, self work, team work, authentic expression, community and living life as a ceremony. I am deeply grateful to the medicine of cacao for being an amazing ally and transformational catalizator in all that I do. I see Cacao as a spaceholder by its self and combined with any other intentional practice - it creates magic.


This training is part of the adventure that me and my close friends and family Lara Joy and Justin are on, as cacao explorers and I am very excited about meeting other souls that can feel the call of the Cacao Magic

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